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Recently Mini Sport have set up State side with the help of Mike Guido who is committed to keeping Minis alive in America. He not only runs our USA website but runs Classic Minis United. The Mini club is rapidly expanding and organises lots of great gatherings. This just goes to show just how much passion he has for Minis. He’s a great guy who’s always up for a laugh but takes your Mini problems very seriously and always does the best he can!

Here are a few words from Mike Guido himself:

Mini Sport USA started in January from a conversation between Chris Harper (The Big Cheese) and myself (The Clown). We both wanted to make it more affordable to buy classic Mini parts in North America. However, a lot of Mini owners don’t feel comfortable ordering from overseas while some didn’t even know they could. With me in the states (Florida), now there is a full time sales/service person to help with their questions and orders. To keep the prices as low as possible, we can’t store and stock the thousands of Mini parts here in the US, but with DHL delivery, everybody in North America can have their parts in 2-4 days after processing. Nobody in the US even comes close to the UK pricing we offer; even with the high cost of shipping from the UK, we’re still a lot cheaper! The more you buy, the less difference the shipping costs make.

I place a group order almost every 2 weeks for those that need just a few small parts and save everybody money on the UK shipping, then I send it to the customer. When I get a request, I can tell them the cheapest way to go. As soon as owners try group shipments with their friends or club, they will be amazed at how much you can save on shipping. On a group order I did with about a dozen owners, their cost of the UK shipping was close to what it would cost to ship within the US! So, we actually accomplished UK parts prices with US shipping prices! In fact, since we don’t pay the 20% vat, in many cases, including shipping to the US, it’s cheaper for us to get Mini parts than those that live in the UK and walk into Mini Sport.

Even though we’re the cheapest prices with top quality parts, we like to add some specials. On the Mini Sport USA home page, there are USA/Canada specials on items that are sometimes twice the cost in the US.






We will also have a section on the site for Classic Minis United members only. It’s free to join at We have over 560 members in North America and members in 26 other countries! I started and run CMU which means that I can help both CMU and Mini Sport USA grow. It’s all about keeping our Minis on the road and having the most fun out of them with the least expense. I hope through what I’m doing that owners can now afford to keep their Minis running and bring them out to our landmark events, which are also the cheapest in North America!

I can honestly say that I thought Mini Sport USA would take up just some of my time and life would be the same for me, but I was wrong. We opened the flood gate to showing people how to save and the first few months have been crazy! I would expect that over time as owners learn/hear about us, we will be the only place to shop in North America for Classic Mini parts! Others can copy our formula, but they can’t copy me, dedicated, knowledgeable and really, really cheap.


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  1. Peter Greenwood 14/08/2011 at 9:48 pm

    Mike Guido,

    We met at the 50th classic mini event in TN.

    I need a pert for my SPI and would like a price fom you delivered to ZIP 20194.

    I need the manifold heater disc, MED10003

    I normally buy direct from the UK but with just one teeny part I want to see if your price will beat direct.



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