Cara Jackson - 15/02/2018

The design and manufacture of 20 intricate, miniature Mini Sport Ltd. models has led to a funding boost of £21,000 for Prevent Breast Cancer. The generous donation was raised by attendees of Mini specialist, Mini Sport’s, 50th anniversary gala dinner, who bid on the limited edition models in a silent auction during the fundraiser. Mini Sport is the world’s premier Mini specialist, servicing more than 100 countries with Mini parts …

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Mini Sport Engineering Extension

Dan Anderson - 13/07/2012

Many of you Mini Sport fans may already know that Mini Sport has large engineering premises, allowing us to create and develop our own Mini parts however this has recently been extended to include two more CNC Milling machines, one of which has a huge 2000mm × 760 mm table. These machines will not only allow us to create larger parts of which we could not …

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Mini Sport CNC Engineering Department

Dan Anderson - 05/05/2011

Established in 2003, as part of the Mini Sport Group of companies, Motorsport Advanced Developments, M.A.D. is another Harper Family owned and managed business. Together with Mini Sport Ltd. we are recognised as the lead suppliers of CNC produced engineering components for the Mini such as the Alloy Superfins Brake Drums and our range of 4 Pot Alloy Calipers below. Working closely with the Mini …

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Genuine Clutch Diaphragm Spring only £37.17+vat

Dan Anderson - 27/04/2011

These are Genuine Clutch Diaphragm Springs and are a straight replacement. Brilliant for those of you who are reconditioning your classic mini over the weekend! This diaphragm will fit all models between 1959 and 1982 of which have a pre-verto clutch and at only £37.17+vat they are great value! Find them at If you need more than just a Diaphragm you will be pleased to …

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1.5:1 Alloy Roller Tip Rockers

Dan Anderson - 26/04/2011

We are currently  manufacturing a new batch of alloy 1.5:1 Roller Tipped Rocker Arms. Having a roller tip allows for less friction therefore allowing more power, and reduced wear on the valve tip. These Rocker Arms are made of high grade aluminium. The first stage is to cut them using CNC machining before being returned to the CNC machine for a second time where these are …

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Mini Sport developed Hardened EN26 Steel Drive Flanges

Dan Anderson - 20/04/2011

These Hardened EN26 Steel Drive Flanges are another of our Mini Sport manufactured and CNC machined products. These start life as forged discs of steel before they are engineered and CNC machined to the final product. These forged discs are then placed by hand, one by one, in our own CNC machine of which has been programmed with zero tolerance allowing us to create a consistent and …

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