mini sport bodyshop

Mini Sport Bodyshop: Protecting the Bodyshell

Dan Anderson - 26/03/2012

The Austin Mini Cooper from Switzerland was previously stripped and sent to be burned before being returned to Mini Sport. Since then the Mini has been wire brushed and had all paint removed. This is quite a labor intensive job but ensures every spec of paint is removed and the Bodyshell is in good condition to receive a coat of rust converter which will not …

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MkI Austin Mini Cooper – Restoration Begins

Dan Anderson - 22/03/2012

Work has begun on the Mk1 Austin Mini Cooper from Switzerland. The Mini was delivered to Mini Sport just before the new year for a restoration valuation. The owner then visited us this year, finalising the valuation before work commenced. As you can see, the Mini has now been completely stripped. The engine came out first, before the wiring and interior were removed. After being stripped …

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Mini Restoration: Phosphate Dip and Etch Priming

Dan Anderson - 05/03/2012

The Mini Sport Bodyshop is a hive of activity at the moment, with several Minis in need of attention, ranging from repairs to full restorations. One of the restorations is a Mk1 Mini belonging to Mr Curwin. To start with, this Mini was stripped of its interior and engine before being sent away for Phosphate Dipping. This process strips back the shell to bare metal, …

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Mini Rebuild Finished!

Dan Anderson - 15/12/2011

The Green Mini that we have been following has today been collected by its proud owner. The car transplant begun some weeks ago now, with the original Mini being stripped and assessed for reusable parts but today the Mini rolled through the Mini Sport gates in a brand new shell. Since the last update the Mini has had its engine connected and tinkered with until …

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Mini Sport Garage: The Engine Goes In!

Dan Anderson - 09/12/2011

On Wednesday our Workshop technician has begun work rebuilding the Mini that has come for renovation. It has so far spent most of its time in the Bodyshop, with a new shell primed and painted,  along with receiving a new roof lining and having subframes attached and built. Since the last update you can see it has had more of the interior fitted, such as …

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Mini Sport Bodyshop – Mini being re-shelled

Dan Anderson - 04/11/2011

A Mini entered into the Mini Sport Bodyshop for Restoration recently. Our technician got stuck in straight away, only to discover more and more rust whilst in the process of stripping the vehicle. In fact so much rust was found that it has become more cost effective to completely re-shell the little Mini. The new shell is now at Mini Sport and is ready to …

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Bogus 2 back at Mini Sport

Dan Anderson - 16/09/2011

After a long summer on tour with the MiniWorld gang Mini Bogus 2 has returned to Mini Sport for a service and some TLC before heading to Castle Combe Action Day on the 25th September. Bogus 2 enjoyed a summer of traveling, up and down Britain, attending various Mini events, which included the Riviera Run back in April, Quay for my Car, Gaydon Mini Festival, …

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