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Moseley Mighty Mini Rebuild

Dan Anderson - 27/01/2012

Mini Sport can proudly reveal that this coming Mighty Mini season, we will be backing Thomas Moseley. Thomas has been a regular at Mini Sport over the last year or so, as you may know from reading this blog. Thomas has always kept us updated with his racing and through these updates we could see that, although the youngest in the championship, he has a …

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Mini Sport Garage: Brake Pads Fitted

Dan Anderson - 11/01/2012

Today our Mini Sport technician has been working on several Minis. One was an old “woody” in need of gearbox restoration. The Gearbox has now been removed and is across the road at Mini Sports engineering facilities. We will try to keep you updated on the progress! Our technician also had the pleasure of working on a new MINI. Although we are Mini specialist, many …

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Mini Rebuild Finished!

Dan Anderson - 15/12/2011

The Green Mini that we have been following has today been collected by its proud owner. The car transplant begun some weeks ago now, with the original Mini being stripped and assessed for reusable parts but today the Mini rolled through the Mini Sport gates in a brand new shell. Since the last update the Mini has had its engine connected and tinkered with until …

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Suspension Cones Fitted Incorrectly

Dan Anderson - 13/12/2011

We had a customer come in today requesting that our mechanic check that his suspension has been fitted correctly. Our mechanic quickly disassembled the front suspension only to find that when he came to compressing the suspension cone to remove it, he could not fit the compression tool (of which can be metric or UNF depending on your Minis age), so it was fortunate that the …

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Mini Sport Garage: The Engine Goes In!

Dan Anderson - 09/12/2011

On Wednesday our Workshop technician has begun work rebuilding the Mini that has come for renovation. It has so far spent most of its time in the Bodyshop, with a new shell primed and painted,  along with receiving a new roof lining and having subframes attached and built. Since the last update you can see it has had more of the interior fitted, such as …

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Mini Sport Workshop: Inner Wings

Dan Anderson - 02/12/2011

This week we have had an increasingly rare Mini Clubman Estate visit us. It is here to have a new clutch fitted but our mechanic couldn’t fail to notice that the whole of the Inner Wings had been removed! This is a perfect opportunity to explain the importance of the Inner Wings and the job it does, as we are sure there are a few …

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Mini Sport Workshop: MG Valves replaced

Dan Anderson - 28/11/2011

Steve Irvine has now finished his season in the MGCC Luffield MG Car Club Northern Championship, albeit with bent valves which he did on the last meeting of the season. The valves were bent due to over revving, most likely on a down-shift, the exhaust valves kissed the pistons, becoming slightly bent or distorted as a result. Steve only visited Mini Sport a week ago with …

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Mini has a new Gearbox and Tuning session

Dan Anderson - 14/11/2011

Recently our Mini Sport Garage has been very busy and one of the many jobs ongoing was to fit a new gearbox to a very nice Mk2 Mini Cooper S that is Rally Prepared. The Mini itself is in very good condition and a nice clean Mini is always going to keep our Technicians happy. The Mini has visited Mini Sport several times before. The …

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Stage 3 Tuning Kit fitted at Mini Sport

Dan Anderson - 27/10/2011

  Today Mick from All Mini is having the rest of a Mini Sport Stage 3 Tuning Kit fitted to his MPi Mini Cooper. He has already had a Stage 1 Tuning Kit fitted previously here at Mini Sport, which included an Exhaust and Manifold along with an Air Filter and a few other smaller parts. Now he has come to have more tuning parts …

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