The Mini Sport Body Shop and Spray Booth Centre is currently undergoing a massive overhaul at the moment.

When it is finished it will not only be used for the usual panel replacement and painting but also full paint jobs, decals, welding, and renovation work too. Whether your paint is bubbling, panels rusting or subframe corroded we will be here to get your Mini back to its best and driving our roads again!

We realise that the classic Mini is becoming  less and less common on our roads and we want to keep them running and on the road for as long as possible as it is obviously an iconic piece of Great Britain. This new development is being developed exactly for that purpose. This ‘body shop’ along with its skilled and experienced staff, is going to help every Mini owner build, renovate and repair their cars, whether it is a day to day car or a concourse car.











The new spray booth that is currently being installed will be the first of many new technologies that will be used in the new look body shop. We believe that to do the best job possible you not only need the skilled personnel but also the best tools and facilities possible and this is the philosophy we are creating the body shop with.