Thomas Moseley and his Mighty Mini, has sent us an update after he came into the Mini Sport Garage for some work. (You may remember the ‘Mighty Mini Sport’ post!) We managed to sort him out with some stuff for the spare engine along with some advice and he hopes to have it built up for the penultimate race of the season.

When he came in to Mini Sport, it was just before the Castle Coombe event where he managed to do reasonably well. Their has been improvements in his car and as a driver. His lap teams were more competitive and was among a group of around seven or eight cars that were only a second behind the leading group. As the youngest competitor in Mighty Minis at just 19 years old Tom looks to have a good future in the sport as he will continue to gain confidence and experience as the season goes on and consequentially gain places on the track.

Unfortunately Thomas had to miss the round at Snetterton and will be missing the dates at Brands Hatch too but he his looking forward to competing at Cadwell Park on the 31st July. In the mean time however he is going to bring the Mini in to get the reluctor ring setup via a timing adjustment on the Mini Sport Rolling Road and get the tracking and camber done.

He should be ready and raring to go when it gets round to Cadwell Park and Mini Sport wish him the best of luck!