This morning we received a delivery of 3 brand new Mini MOKEs. These arrived at 9.00am in a container along with many parts as they do not come completely built and do need some assembly such as building and attaching the cage, front bars and fitting interior matts etc. The first job then was to move all the parts in to one of our warehouses before unloading the Mini MOKEs.

It was a bit awkward getting the Mini MOKE out of the container but the Mini Sport Departments all came together to help, with Mini Sport Garage Mechanics, Goods Inwards Employees and Directors all pitching in. So with some precise manouvering and good communication as a team the Mini Sport work force got the MOKEs and their parts out safely.

This new batch of MOKEs is now going to be carefully looked at and quality assessed by our Directors and Mechanics. They will not only be looking at the new paint work but the strength of panels, quality of build, fixtures and fittings and the the general finish on the car. Providing the MOKEs pass and meet Mini Sports Approval they will be launched. So watch this space as they could be selling soon!