Thomas Moseley has been kind enough to update us with how his weekend at Brands Hatch went, after Mini Sport helped set up his car for the race.
The first race didn’t go too well with his Mini suffering a blown exhaust manifold and eventually dragging him down the field to finish in 15th. This meant he started day two, in the rain at 15th on the grid.

Race 2 and it was a busy first lap with a few offs and plenty of overtaking, especially by Thomas who battled his way through the pack and into a mid field position of 11th. The rain was kind to Thomas as his car seemed to be responding well in the wet and he climbed a few more places up to 9th. There was a few offs but Thomas managed to drive within his limits and not get carried away, as now he was racing for 7th place. He was stuck racing in 8th on the tail of 7th until the last lap where the Championship leader managed to find his way past, leaving Thomas to bring the car home in 9th. He wasn’t too disheartened however as it was still his highest ever race position.

Thomas thanked everyone at Mini Sport, especially Mick and Rob as they felt the setup made a real difference, especially in the wet. In return we congratulate Thomas on his increasingly competitive performances and wish him look for his next race at Cadwell Park. He is still the youngest driver competing and is showing he is no pushover. Mini Sport are  proud to help the Moseleys.

Although this video is a little shaky you can see Thomas battling through the middle of the pack in his bright green Mini! He is in 11th as the cars return down the home straight!