Yesterday Mr Reeves came and delivered us his Mini Cooper MPi. He wanted several things doing, including our complete Stage 3 Tuning Kit, with a couple of minor adjustments such as the exhaust as he would prefer a Fletcher Side Exit Exhaust System rather than the Maniflow System.

The Stage 3 Tuning Kit is specially designed and developed for the Multi Point Injection (MPi) Rover Mini to give improved performance whilst still remaining within all the EEC emission regulations. The kit transforms the MPi Mini into a much livelier, smoother performer whilst giving quieter cruising speeds and even greater motoring pleasure. The Stage 3 Cylinder head that is included, is competition quality with increased size inlet valves, extra strong double springs and with a raised compression ratio.

The Tuning Kit isn’t the only work to be done on the Mini though as Mr Reeves also wanted a new bumper he had bought putting on, so the MPi had a quick visit to the Mini Sport Body Shop before coming over the road to the Mini Sport Garage for the Tuning Kit, Stainless Works Style Lamp Bar Kit and Surestop Brake Kit of which are being fitted now.

Mr Reeves also had a quick look at our new Paddy Hopkirk Collection and decided to opt for a Paddy Hopkirk Rocker Cover T-bar Set to go with his new Red Alloy Rocker Cover with polish fins. The car should look, sound and run very smooth by the time all this has been fitted. Mr Reeves should notice a considerable improvement not only in the cars performance but reliability and fuel consumption.