On Wednesday our Workshop technician has begun work rebuilding the Mini that has come for renovation. It has so far spent most of its time in the Bodyshop, with a new shell primed and painted,  along with receiving a new roof lining and having subframes attached and built.

Since the last update you can see it has had more of the interior fitted, such as the rear seats, dash and door cards. The interior is nearly complete now and only needs the front seats fitting along with the carpet.

Our technician got straight to work yesterday, fitting the front subframe, which was sent to be sand blasted and powder coated along with the brand new rear subframe. This was done with brand new bushes.

Today our technician moved onto the next stage: to build the suspension and brakes. All the old parts were used as they were reasonably clean and good for re-use however the bottom arms and tie-bars were sent for Powder Coating, unlike the top-arms , which are not suitable for powder coating due to the bearings it contains. The brakes were then added using new brake pipes and hoses.

Quickly moving onto the engine bay, the Mini Sport Mechanic made sure everything is ready before dropping the engine in today a connecting it up. For this he required a crane and an extra pair of hands to drop the engine in and on this occasion an apprentice got the job of helping.

The engine is now safely sat on its mounts as you can see below, with only connection left. The Mini Should be driving out of the Mini Sport gates by the end of the week after receiving a few finishing touches and a polish.

Our technician is having a busy day getting the engine ready to run whilst the Bodyshop technician finishes the interior. The owner would like his Mini back for the weekend so everything is being done at once with all hands on deck!


If you have ANY work that needs doing on your Mini, whether it is engine work or bodywork you can call Mini Sport on 01282 778731 to make an enquiry. Our friendly sales staff will do all they can to get you a quote, book you in or even answer any questions you have.