Many of you Mini Sport fans may already know that Mini Sport has large engineering premises, allowing us to create and develop our own Mini parts however this has recently been extended to include two more CNC Milling machines, one of which has a huge 2000mm × 760 mm table. These machines will not only allow us to create larger parts of which we could not have done before bot also increase productivity.

The Huge Mazak VTC 300C II, CNC Machine was expertly delivered to us earlier in the year. It was quite an operation. The massive machine was slowly and carefully lowered onto some strengthened rollers before being edged through the rolling doors at the front of M.A.D of which were only just wide enough.

We love Minis and will do whatever is required to ensure it stays on the road, including engineering more reliable parts, reconditioning old engines and renovating rusty bodyshells. This addition means that there are exciting times ahead, allowing us to extend our range of products and expertise with the possibility of new Mini parts being designed, tested and manufactured.