castle-combeThe 20th Mini World Action Day will be held at Castle Combe yet again on the 28th September. It is the perfect opportunity for you to get some track time in your Mini. There will be plenty on the Trade and Club Stands as always, along with plenty of track action. With so much to do both on and off the track it will be a great day out for any Mini fan.

Mini Sport will be attending as always with our huge setup and with as many Mini Parts and Accessories as we can fit into our vans, however we are going to save a bit of space so that we can fit your orders in! Yes you can order now and collect at the show, meaning you get exactly what you want but don’t have to pay for the delivery! It couldn’t be easier as we have now made it possible to place your order online! Just follow these easy steps!

Tickets are available for everyone, from individuals to full Mini Clubs whether you want to get out on track or just enjoy the atmosphere and admire some Minis. You can book your tickets here.

We look forward to seeing you all there!