As we all know, Paddy Hopkirk is one of Northern Irelands most successful sportsmen. Paddy has become renowned for his incredible career in the international rally circuit, his charismatic personality and his range of classically inspired performance parts and accessories for ‘Paddy Hopkirk Mini’ to which Mini Sport are part of the design, development and distribution process. However despite an iconic win at Monte Carlo and a celebrity profile, Paddy is also a patron for two exceptional charities – ‘SKIDZ‘ and ‘The Integrated Education Fund‘.

Alongside Ross Brawn, Johnny Ball, Sue Baker, Anne Diamond and Earl Howe, Paddy is a valued patron and supporter of ‘SKIDZ’.Untitled-3

SKIDZ provides industry recognised training and education in Motor Vehicle Maintenance to young people of all abilities and cultures. The charity prides itself on the all-inclusivity in a range of education courses to which SKIDZ provides. From school courses including GCSE’S; through to further education courses which include Level 1 and 2 Diplomas alongside Apprenticeships; SKIDZ’ main mission is to provide accessible motor vehicle education and training through a UK network of sustainable and self-sufficient centres.

Paddy presents a hands-on approach to fundraising for this charity, as an active ambassador who presents talks, ceremonies and presentations to raise awareness of the causes that SKIDZ funds.

SKIDZ accepts donations to keep providing education to young people across the UK and Northern Ireland and fundraising is essential to keep this charity going. Paddy Hopkirk donates funds from the sales of his books and memorabilia to help support the charity, as well as accepting donations at the shows and events he attends. Most recently Paddy helped raise £325.00 at the Mini Sport stand during the British Mini Club’s Himley Hall event, thanks to all those that attended.


Other ways in which you can help support the work of the charity is through the means of student sponsorship, corporate sponsorship, employee fundraising, nominations, donations and gifts in kind. All these ways help the charity continue and drives essential motor vehicle education for those who run the risk of being out of training or employment.

Be sure to check out the SKIDZ site here for more details. For now we would like to thank all those who helped us raise funds at Himley and have contributed to the great work done by the team at SKIDZ.