This week on our ‘Home Servicing’ blog, we look at the options you have if you fancy converting your Mini on to 10″ wheels, to look like an early Classic Mini – if it doesn’t already!

A simple guide to help you on the road to swapping your Mini onto 10″ wheels.

A timeless classic which breaks through the mould of convention. Originally designed around 10″ wheels, the Mini’s unparalleled fun & driving excitement is in it’s DNA. Together with it’s natural charm & appeal, anyone who drives the Mini falls in love.

We’ve spoken to our long-standing Sales Manager Mick for his recommendations, he has suggested the following:

If your Mini has 12″ or 13″ wheels and you’re looking to convert to 10″ wheels, then you will first of all need to change the front brakes to Cooper S 7.5 inch brakes, these will fit any 10″ wheel, alternatively you could use one of Mini Sport’s 7.5″ 4 pot alloy conversions.

You would also need to fit Mini Sport’s Drive Flange that is used on Mini Cooper S, early 1275GT models & with 7.5″ brake discs & 10″ wheels. These would need to be mounted using the Countersunk crosshead screw 1/4″ UNF x 5/8″, where you would need 4 per disc.

The above will fit most 10″ alloy wheels ( however they don’t fit with the original steel wheels ) – you would need to check with us to make sure that they fit your choice of wheels!

Another alternative would be the Mini Sport 7.9″ Conversion Kit, this kit has been specially developed to maximise braking performance for all Mini models whether being used for road, rally or race and includes all the parts required to fit & use.

Again, this conversion will fit most 10″ alloy wheels but you would need to check with us to make sure they will fit with your choice of wheel.

The next step for you to consider is the style & size of wheel you want to use, whether you are planning on changing the wheel arches or removing them completely?

You can shop our full range of 10″ Mini wheels on our website here.

Our dedicated Sales Team are on hand to help you with choosing the wheels & the wheel arches, that best suit your Mini & your taste. They will also be able to advise you on what parts you will need to complete your ‘early Classic’ look.

You can contact us directly by emailing, alternatively, you can call us on 01282 778731.

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