Mini Sport have started getting work underway on these 2 Minis that have joined us all the way from Belgium…

This pair of Mk1 Minis have arrived at Mini Sport to be transformed in to Minis to be used in rallying, so we’ll be fitting them with a whole host of competition parts, including roll cages!

The first step for each Mini is the strip down. Before any work can be done with fitting the roll cages we need to get the entire interior stripped out. We’ll also be painting the inside of the Mini to match the black paint on the roll cage. Fitting a full 18 point roll cage is a considerable task which is not as simple as it sounds. We’ll weld plates for the cage to bolt to & lower the doors to ensure the doors still shut.

Whilst work begins on fitting the cage in our Body Shop, over in our Garages the front & rear subframes have been completely stripped down, with strengthening plates welded on to give more support, before being powder coated – leaving them looking good as new. The subframes will be built back up with new performance parts including a new braking & suspension system.

We will also be building competition engine & gearbox units for these Minis over in our Workshop to increase the power output & performance that these Minis will need to compete in competition.

As safety is the upmost importance with rallying, we’ll also be installing plumbed in & hand held fire extinguisher systems in both Minis, along with brand new seats!

Keep an eye on our page for more updates as this project progresses, you can also check out our other projects on our blog.

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